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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What are WFPRHA member clinics? What do you offer?

A: WFPRHA member clinics are experts in family planning and reproductive health care. We advocate service accessibility by offering affordable, confidential services. Most of our clinics provide:

Reproductive health care exams, cancer screening (breast, cervical, prostate, testicular), diagnosis of common infections
Pregnancy testing with all-options information.
Birth control including emergency contraception
Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STI)
Domestic abuse screening
Rapid HIV testing (same day results)
Reproductive health education
Referrals to medical providers
Sliding scale fees, assistance with eligibility screening and enrollment f
or financial assistance programs.

Some clinics may also provide:

  • Information about tobacco, alcohol or recreational drug cessation, lifestyle risk reduction and mental health concerns

  • Perimenopause and menopause management

  • Sexual assault screening, exams and referrals

  • Colposcopy services/follow-up of abnormal pap smears

  • Infertility information and referrals

  • Primary health care for common health issues

Find an affordable accessible and
confidential clinic near you!

Q: But aren’t you a “free clinic”?

A: Most of our clinics receive funding to help us with operational costs, but not enough to provide free services. We ask our customers to pay what they can, donate and use our services responsibly so we can continue to offer them at low-cost.

The cost of services depends on your income and family size. We charge on a sliding-fee scale, and work with BadgerCare, Medicaid, WI Well Women, private insurance and other programs.

If you don’t think you can afford a visit, we will work with you. Family Planning Only Services provides financial coverage of family planning services including; contraceptives, select STD testing, pregnancy testing and reproductive health care for females and males 15-44 years of age. You can apply at 1-800-362-3002 or online at Staff at our member clinics can assist you with enrollment.

Q: Is emergency contraception the same thing as an abortion?

A: No. Emergency contraception (EC) is taken to prevent pregnancy. It suppresses ovulation – the release of the egg from an ovary. EC contains one half of the medication that is found in most hormone methods. If a woman takes EC, unaware that she is pregnant—it will NOT harm the fetus. EC is often confused with RU486, a prescription used to cause a miscarriage.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare for a vaginal/pelvic exam?

A: Providers may discuss with you the need for a pelvic exam based on your history at the time of your annual health visit. Avoid using any vaginal creams, washing inside your vagina and/or having vaginal sex for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If you have your period, please call. It may be necessary to reschedule your exam. Heavy menstruation can interfere with obtaining a quality sample of cervical cell and may increase the need for repeat PAP tests. Jot down any questions or concerns you have for your health care provider, and make note of the first day of your last period.

Q: How can I get low to no-cost birth control?

A: If you are eligible to enroll in Medical Assistance Family Planning Only Services, a state funded program intended to decrease unplanned pregnancies in WI it will cover the cost of STI screening, pregnancy testing, reproductive health (GYN) exams and most birth control methods including condoms. Please bring a photo ID, your social security number and a copy of your past 2 paycheck stubs if you are over 18 to your next appointment so we may best assist you, or contact Member Services at 1-800-362-3002 or online at

To be eligible for the Family Planning Only Services Program, you must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or have a qualifying immigration status.

  • Be of childbearing or reproductive age.

  • Have income at or below $3,095.71* per month. Only your own income is counted. Your assets are not counted.

  • Not be enrolled in Wisconsin Medicaid or BadgerCare Plus. (You can be enrolled in private health insurance while you are enrolled in the Family Planning Only Services Program.) 

Q: I am under the age of 18. Do I need my parent’s permission to be seen at a Wisconsin clinic?

A: We always encourage our younger patients to talk to their parents but we understand that this may prove to be unsafe for some. We preserve the privacy of minors, adhering to Wisconsin State Law that allows minors to seek family planning services without the permission of parents or caregivers. This includes pregnancy testing, STI screening and treatment, birth control or reproductive

health exams.

Q: Are these clinics for women only? What if a guy needs STD testing?

A: We welcome men to use our services too! Find a clinic near you and make an appointment (preferable to “walk-in”). The most important thing you can do is avoid urinating (using the bathroom) for at least one full hour prior to your appointment. Bring any questions or concerns you have for your health care provider.

Testing is typically done through urine samples and blood tests. If you are seeking HIV testing only, you can expect a simple finger stick or mouth swab test. Your provider should be able to tell you when results will be available.

You may qualify for Family Planning Only Services for Males to cover the cost of your services. A qualified staff at our clinics can help you enroll, or enroll prior to your visit at (click on “Apply for Benefits”), download an application at or call Member Services at 1-800-362-3002 to have an application mailed to you.

More questions?? E-mail us!

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